About Noto Sailing Adventure

Noto Peninsula is surrounded by the Sea of Japan. People in this area have lived their lives closely with the sea since the olden days, by being familiar with fishery, holding a sea-related festival, and using ships as a means of everyday transport.
Noto Sailing Adventure was started with the wish to disseminate Japanese sea culture from Noto and to have many people enjoy the abundant nature of this place. Director Hiroki Kurose has 32 years of sailing history and sailed from the South Atlantic to the Mediterranean Sea as a crew member of a British yacht.

Located in Nanao Bay with a number of islands, including Notojima Island, the yacht harbor in which Noto Sailing Adventure is based has an intricate coastline. The changing views at sea and encounters with rich and fresh ingredients are pleasurs unique to this location.
Since it is not a luxury resort, thorough service may not be provided. Instead, you will experience peace of mind and people’s simple lives that do not exist in the city.
Try sea kayaking and paddle boarding.

Land on Notojima island floating in the bay and enjoy activities or a meal.
Anchor on a small uninhabited island and spend a relaxing time.
There are various ways to enjoy yourself with your close friends or family.
Fully enjoy the sea experience unique to this place.